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Jul. 14th, 2007


Court yard outside administration building

"Hello, my name's Shawn Spencer. Some of you may know me from my involvement in helping Dean Miles solve some of ModfanU more illustrious moments of years past." Shawn announced from where he was standing on the stone railing on the left side of the steps coming from the front of the administration building. "I just wanted to let those of you who are new here that you can come to me for help, for I am a psychic and that is what a psychic does. Also," Shawn grinned, revealing a uncut pineapple with a red bow on it, "would anybody like to partake in some delicious pineapple?"

(OCC: For information about the character please go to his blog, where I've posted a brief bio about the character since the show is still fairly new. Thank you. EDIT: Heh, sorry I forgot to put a TAG on this entry.)

TAG: Anyone

Jul. 12th, 2007


Announcement over intercom.

Location: Dean’s Office

"Attention students. As you are no doubt well aware there was a dry lighting storm not long ago. I apologized for the delay, it’s been hectic calming parents, and school board alike. Please feel free to talk to each other, professors, guidance councilors, or myself should you feel the need. There is no need to feel ashamed, the experience while amusing for some was far more disturbing to others. Luckily no one was hurt due to the storm. There were a couple of small fires but thanks to some quick thinking students, professor, and that homeless guy who hangs around campus the damage was minor. The most damaged was a Pontiac that’s seen better days, and the library needs a new roof. The good news is that with the repairs to the library the mold will also be taken care of. For further information on dry lighting feel free to research the subject. Also Miss Sullivan should have a report on the subject ready in a day or two. Lastly but not least please remember that we have an image to uphold here at Modfanu and underwear in the trees is not appreciated by all."

(OOC: Er, I'm not sure what to put for TAG since it's over the intercom, but should someone want to speak to Dean Miles feel free to knock on his Office door where he is currently residing.)


Location: Hard Candy Cafe

Vala sighed, here she was sitting by herself twirling a spoon in her tea. How boring. She needed a plan, something to spice up campus life. Something fun, and possibly shiny to brighten up her day. The most fun she had this week was when the dry lighting knocked out the power and she convinced everyone to have a pajama party in the hallway with flashlights, and water guns. Vala smirked in remembrance. Yes, that had been fun. Which dorm was that anyway? Eh, Vala shrugged, it didn’t matter. Vala could make friends wherever she was at the time. Not lasting ones, but enough for a few good memories.

The door chimed announcing the entrance of another customer causing Vala to look up curiously. “Hey, you. Yeah you. Come other here.” Vala called out.
TAG: Anyone interested in mischief.

Jul. 7th, 2007


On The Wall Update

 Hi, for those who don't know I'm Chloe Sullivan and I work on Modfan U's school newspaper On The Wall. Sorry about the delay with On The Wall, it should be in production soon. There was a strange dry lighting storm late last night that fried the newspaper's main computer, I’m working on it right know to see if I can get some of the files back but it's looking like a lost cause. Luckily I always keep the hard copies so I should have something out in the next week or so. Also since the paper's going to be delayed anyway I was thinking of writing an article on the dry lighting, please respond if you're interested in more about the dry lighting or if you had an experience with the dry lighting. If you don't feel comfortable with publicly responding I can also be reached at reportersullivan@yahoo.com.
TAG: Anyone interested in responding.

Jun. 27th, 2007


Campus Bulletin Board-Near the Office

Tag: Anyone who happens to wander by.
(OOC: Sorry for the lack of LJ icon, I haven't gotten one for Phoenix yet >.<)

Phoenix smacked his forehead with his palm, "Unbelievable. They've done it again. How am I supposed to get my credit hours if they've got me working like this?" he examined his class schedule more than a little annoyed, "I guess there's nothing for it, I'm going to have to talk to the dean, too bad the office is closed for now. Seems like this place can never get things in order."
Turning from the board he gasped as he nearly ran into someone, "Oh! Sorry about that, I didn't see you standing there."

Jun. 18th, 2007


Welcome Students!

I would just like to personally welcome all students to our lovely university this year. Recent transfers please submit your transcripts to modfanu@yahoo.com for approval.