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July 2007

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mal_doran07 in modfan_u

Location: Hard Candy Cafe

Vala sighed, here she was sitting by herself twirling a spoon in her tea. How boring. She needed a plan, something to spice up campus life. Something fun, and possibly shiny to brighten up her day. The most fun she had this week was when the dry lighting knocked out the power and she convinced everyone to have a pajama party in the hallway with flashlights, and water guns. Vala smirked in remembrance. Yes, that had been fun. Which dorm was that anyway? Eh, Vala shrugged, it didn’t matter. Vala could make friends wherever she was at the time. Not lasting ones, but enough for a few good memories.

The door chimed announcing the entrance of another customer causing Vala to look up curiously. “Hey, you. Yeah you. Come other here.” Vala called out.
TAG: Anyone interested in mischief.


"Me??" *points to self*. "Sorry I'm new here so I haven't gotten the chance to meet a lot of people. I'm Alphonse."
Vala looked at the newcomer with an appraising eye. Hmm, he was no doubt about it, a freshman. But that was no problem, as she took great pride in corrupting the innocent. “Alphonse, was it? Yes, you’ve come to the right person. I know plenty of people. Name’s Vala Mal Doran, I’ve been here awhile so I know the ins and outs of the place. I‘m sure we‘ll make great partners.” Standing up Vala made her way out the door, pausing Vala called back. “Come along now. Haven’t got all day.”