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July 2007

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nick_phoenix in modfan_u

Campus Bulletin Board-Near the Office

Tag: Anyone who happens to wander by.
(OOC: Sorry for the lack of LJ icon, I haven't gotten one for Phoenix yet >.<)

Phoenix smacked his forehead with his palm, "Unbelievable. They've done it again. How am I supposed to get my credit hours if they've got me working like this?" he examined his class schedule more than a little annoyed, "I guess there's nothing for it, I'm going to have to talk to the dean, too bad the office is closed for now. Seems like this place can never get things in order."
Turning from the board he gasped as he nearly ran into someone, "Oh! Sorry about that, I didn't see you standing there."


"No problem, it happens." Chloe smiled, shifting her hard drive so she could free up her right arm. "I'm sorry I could help but over hear. But if your having schedule issues you should talk to Thor... oh wait he's on vacation.. hmm." Chloe shrugged, "You should try the roof."
Phoenix gave her a strange look in response.
Chloe laughed, "Dean Miles goes up there sometimes to hide from students, and teachers. Don't let him know I was your source of info though. Good luck with everyhing, I have to get going now." Chloe said, before walking on down the hall. Pausing she turned back. "Oh, by the way I'm Chloe Sullivan, school reporter, if you have any information on the dry lighting storm please stop by my office. If I'm not there just leave a note. Good luck." Chloe added, before going on out the door.