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July 2007

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chloe397 in modfan_u

On The Wall Update

 Hi, for those who don't know I'm Chloe Sullivan and I work on Modfan U's school newspaper On The Wall. Sorry about the delay with On The Wall, it should be in production soon. There was a strange dry lighting storm late last night that fried the newspaper's main computer, I’m working on it right know to see if I can get some of the files back but it's looking like a lost cause. Luckily I always keep the hard copies so I should have something out in the next week or so. Also since the paper's going to be delayed anyway I was thinking of writing an article on the dry lighting, please respond if you're interested in more about the dry lighting or if you had an experience with the dry lighting. If you don't feel comfortable with publicly responding I can also be reached at reportersullivan@yahoo.com.
TAG: Anyone interested in responding.


Kurt read the notice on the newroom door curiously before entering. What has happened had most definately been an experience, the question was-what kind?
"Hallo?" pushing the door open he smiled at the girl who was sitting behind the desk, "I understand you needed some information on the dry lightening storm?"
Chloe looked up at the newcomer. “ Professor Wagner, come on in.”
The man in questioned entered the office with a confused expression.
“When I heard there was going to be a new German teacher I googled your name. I hope you don’t mind, it’s a reporter’s prerogative to be curious after all.” Chloe explained, realizing the professor was confused because they had never actually met. Chloe was very curious indeed about Professor Wagner, she had lots of questions. She even thought about doing a people article for the paper to introduce and welcome the new professor. However right now she had to focus on the dry lighting article.
Prof. Wagner nodded in understanding and came further into the office to stand beside the desk.
Picking up and pen and paper Chloe gave the man her entire attention. “So what are your thoughts on the dry lighting?”
"Vell, Chloe is it?" he asked uncertainly, she nodded and he continued, "I am very concerned about the lightening. It caused a power outage in the apartments of mein building but not the halls. Und my laptop . . ." he pulled his laptop from his bag and set it atop her desk, "it appears to have been fried. But it vas not plugged in at the time of the storm."
Turning on the monitor he showed her the Windows Blue Screen of Death and turned to her, "I believe someone may have entered mein home as vell."
Chloe frowned at the blue screen thoughtfully before turning back to Prof. Wagner. “A break in? Hmm, I’ve had other sources mention opened windows, drawers and doors. For the most part people have been blaming ghosts old buildings and faulty memory. But I think there might be more to this story than lighting. Is there any reason why someone would want to wipe your computer Professor?”
Kurt paused, considering this idea, "Nein. None that I can think of. The only things I had of importance stored on it were the class roster und mein music collection. This is my first year vith the university."
He sighed, "I did not expect such a setback."
The look he gave the computer could only be described as distaste, "I vasn't even avare that any of the student knew vhere I lived."
"Hmm." Chloe took a moment to jot down a few notes in short hand. “That’s odd.” Very odd, because Chloe was beginning to wonder about her own computer, which had died just last week, forcing her to start from practically scratch. “My computer crashed a earlier in the week, luckily I didn’t get the blue screen, but I’ve been having trouble accessing the backup. So I understand what a pain that can be. If you want I’m sure the Dean will authorize you use of one of the school’s computers or laptops until you can replace yours.” Chloe barley passed before barreling on with her journalistic imperative. “You wouldn’t happen to know who used to live at you residence previously would you?” It was doubtful that the information mattered but Chloe needed as many possible bread crumbs as she could get before she could even begin to track this case down.
Kurt rubbed his chin thoughtfully, tail whisping back and forth, "Vell, unfortunatly I shall have to have it replaced outright. I'm afraid I have to have customized keyboards for mein hands." he twiddled his the fingers in her direction. Then he paused, "As to who lived in the apartment . . . As i understood from the landlord it vas the previous German professor. I cannot remember his name. The Dean may know."
"We have a couple voice automated laptops for a professor who used to work here who didn't have any arms, and a student who broke both arms." Chloe frowned, "Prank week really got out of hand." Shaking her head, Chloe got back on topic. "The previous German professor? Hmm, I'll have to investigate that further. Is there anything else you can think of?"
"Nein, mein katchen, Nacht, she seemed very upset. Und she doesn't take well to strangers." he paused, recalling the night of the storm, "I shall have to check my apartment further. As for the professor I do not know, though he did leave some of his belongings in the apartment when he left . . ."
Chloe nodded, things seemed to suggest that someone or something had been in the professor’s home that night. Things were getting weird, Chloe smiled, just the way she liked them. "Well, thank you Professor Wagner for stopping by. If you don't mind I'd like to take a look at what was left behind sometime. It may be nothing but it could be something."
"Most certainly, Frauline, stop by anytime after morning sessions end. I don't teach night classes. Here is mein address." he took a pen from her desktop and proceeded to scribble down the nesscesary information for her. Chloe found it interesting to watch him manipulate the pen so well. Looking up he smiled, "Vell, it vas a pleasure meeting you. I shall be back in touch if I find anything else."
"Thank you for responding, professor. Have a good day." Chloe said with a friendly smile.
Prof. Wagner nodded his head in response, before heading out the door. Chloe tapped her pen thoughtfully on the desk as she review her notes, adding a few theories while they were still fresh in her head. After a few minutes Chloe put down the pen and laid her hand on top of her crashed hard drive, tapping it gently with her fingers twice. “Hmm, maybe…” Chloe started, speaking to herself. Then after coming to some silent decision, she gathered up her purse, and the hard drive, grateful it was one of the smaller lighter models than years past. Chloe stood in the doorway for a moment looking back at her empty office. Then with a shake of her head and a knowing smile, Chloe turned off the lights. It was just the beginning.